First Post

It’s a bit daunting to sit down at a keyboard and expect others to want to read what you have to say, so it’s taken me months to actually get started on this site. My intention here is to create a forum for exchanging stories, ideas and supporting those who are living away from where they call home. You do not need to be living overseas to share the experience of not being able to find a service provider, replace a favourite restaurant or make new friends. Anyone who has moved away from home can relate to this.

Building a new home can be difficult and rewarding all in the same breath. So this is the forum for you to share your experiences with myself and others as I share mine with you. 

I have discovered that what you call ‘home’ is where you grew up as it has created your memories and shaped who you are. Yet wherever you live now is where you’ve choosen to carve out a place for yourself. Once you feel settled in this new place, it then becomes ‘home’. 

Yet anyone who’s gone back to where they grew up, reconnected with someone from childhood or simply had a conversation on the phone with a relative knows all too well that defining ‘home’ then becomes a much more difficult. The place and people where you grew up never leaves you and the place that feels familiar is now home. Having this life is two places called home.

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One Response to First Post

  1. thedailydish says:

    A lovely, succinct way of defining not only your blog, but the essence of place. I look forward to reading much more, and hopefully contributing in some small part via comments. WELCOME HOME! LOL

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