10 Things to Do When You’re Homesick

Whether you’ve left home for college or are living overseas, you’re bound to have days of longing for “home”. Sometimes it’s the comfort of an understanding voice, someone who reassures you that everything is going to be OK. Other times it’s a sudden urge to recapture a memory. After living away from “home” for the better part of my life, I still get homesick. Here are tips that I’ve found work for me.

  1. Journal – pick up a piece of paper and write down what thoughts are running through your mind, how you’re feeling, things you miss and people you wish were there. If you want, put in some photos or sketch.
  2. Call a friend or family member – whether you jump on Skype or have a calling card, a loving person is only a phone call away.
  3. Exercise – go to a yoga class, for a walk in nature or a run around the neighbourhood…even if you don’t feel like it!
  4. Cook – that favourite cobbler that your mom used to make, the burritos that you cannot get in your local restaurant or a soup that makes your cold disappear. Collect the recipes that you cherish and keep ingredients on-hand for emergencies.
  5. Memory surf – get out your old high school year book, photo albums or fire up your computer and flip through some old photos. I have a special album with school friends, family and pets that has (old-fashioned) snaps that I keep on the shelf for this reason.
  6. Do something you love! – listen to music, do a craft, kayak, sing or play an instrument.
  7. Plan and host an event – your birthday party, watch the Oscars, a Mother’s group tea or
  8. Take a bath – (ok a bit clichéd, but still great value!) as always, have beautiful salts or bombs on-hand.
  9. Cry – allow yourself to feel the sadness and miss the things that remind you of ‘home’. This is perfectly NATURAL! You’ll find by letting it out, it shifts quickly.
  10. Your choice… Please post what works for you so others can benefit!
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28 Responses to 10 Things to Do When You’re Homesick

  1. Ronke says:

    i’ve only been away from home only 4 months now and i make sure i visit home every month because I’m really not finding it funny been away from home. What is really bad is that whenever i come home, going back to my new base is always a problem. Each time I’m leaving i cried, i always hide the tears from my mum or whoever is around М̤̣̲̣̥̈̇ε̲̣̣̣̥ when I’m leaving. i have some friends where I’m now staying that make М̤̣̲̣̥̈̇ε̲̣̣̣̥ feel okay where i live but I’m always bored at work. i believe with time i will fully settle in here and visit home less often, but right now I’m looking forward to next month that i will go home again!

    • Sounds like a good strategy to have something to look forward to every month. Perhaps you could also do some new activity once a week to have a similar approach where you’re living now. Best wishes while you transition.

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