Countdown: TDF-90.21 Due 30 June

It’s a long weekend here and I’m going to be enjoying it as I finally completed the dreaded TDF-90.21 form earlier this week. Unfortunately if you’re reading this it’s probably because yours is not completed.

To expedite the form making it on time to the US (remember it has it BE in Detroit by the deadline!) you can drop it off in person or use DHL, FedEx or other delivery services to this address:

IRS Detroit Computing Center
Attn: FBAR Mailroom
4th Floor
985 Michigan Ave.
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 234-1062

If you’re using snail mail and/or need the PO BOX it can be found in my original post.

According to tax experts, if it does not arrive by 30 June, you may incur up to a $10,000 late filing penalty. If you do not file at all the fine could be larger and/or possible criminal charges(!).

If you need further instructions, I came across this useful page on the Deliotte website since posting the last article.

Best of luck! May you too be finished with this form…

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