Resources: Moving to Australia

If you are moving overseas, any country you move to will have its own unique restrictions, but a quick guideline is to think about when you travel on a plane. Items that are of immediate concern include: anything electrical, flammable, alcoholic, medicinal, wooden, live, animal based, edible or combustible. If you’re interested in the specifics for Australia, the best place to look at the ever-changing list is AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service).

As I was trawling through the vast amounts of information on this topic, I came across this very useful, albeit primitive looking site: Australian Trade and Shipping. I’m not plugging them as a business, rather I’m letting you know that their site is very comprehensive and would like to thank them for the information I’ve received from it for the series “To Ship or To Store”.

If you’re relocating or visiting Australia check out this AQIS link as they are the governing body for all things arriving and leaving Oz.

There are a few Ozzie expats who subscribe to this site. If you are one of them, please do comment to add your favourites as well!

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