It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas…in July

The way things are going here in Sydney (where it NEVER gets cold!)  we’re in for a white Christmas in July. Brrr! It is cold here…and hard to believe, but it snowed just yesterday — ok 45 minutes outside of the CBD, but still! This isn’t the first time it’s snowed here this ‘winter’ as these same areas got snow in May as well. As my husband commented, it was probably the first time in recent memory where you could ski both in Australia and in Colorado.

‘The Big Chill’

This video is worth 1.30 minutes of your time as Channel Ten reporter Mazoe Ford’s pronunciation of local areas will make you non-Aussies giggle. If that doesn’t draw you in, remember the kids having the snow ball fight in the video have probably NEVER seen snow before.


Although the temperatures in this report perhaps seem like a spring-time morning, remember many of the houses here in Sydney are not built for this weather as it is supposed to be ‘temperate’ here. Even my Pommie friends have been complaining about the weather all week because they have bought into the Australian dream that it is not cold here like at HOME. My advice is rug up! (slang for put on some really warm gear)

Making Sense of Right Season, Wrong Time of Year

For those of us from the northern hemisphere, living down under this time of year can be challenging as it is cold, windy and dreary while our friends and family are busy picnicking, BBQing and vacationing with the kids. When you ring home, you cannot help but want to be there too. 


In order to beat the blues, perhaps joining in the fun is just what you need. Many locales around Australia lure people out of the big smoke and into the ‘mountains’ (where you might be lucky enough to get snow this year!) at Christmas in July outside Melbourne or Yule Fest outside of Sydney. You’re likely to find Christmas decorations and roast dinner to momentarily give your brain the chance to make sense of why it’s so cold in JULY! Or perhaps to enjoy Christmas when it’s not so hot in December…

If you cannot break away, break out some fairy lights, put on some holiday music and surround yourself with family and friends for a home-cooked feast. If you’ve had to leave your mother’s stuffing recipe packed in storage or if your memory of Christmas tucker now is chilled prawns, has published special section to inspire you for Christmas in July. Regardless of where you celebrate, I suggest you share a glass of mulled wine in front of the fire with your partner to soothe your heartache.

For those of you beginning to thaw out and miss the snow after a long winter, perhaps you’re ready to do some skiing in the southern hemisphere this summer break. Australia and New Zealand are bound to have great seasons this year. Come down under and help warm our spirits!

Remember that July has two national holidays. If you want to celebrate here in Sydney, here are some ideas: 4th of July Celebrations 2011 and Bastille Day 2011. As an aside, Independence Day is NOT an Australian holiday :-).

What are you doing in July? Please share your memories, suggestions and experiences, regardless of where in the world you are…

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6 Responses to It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas…in July

  1. herschelian says:

    After spending the first 22 years of my life in southern Africa Christmas in the UK was a terrible shock….not because it was not hot, I hadn’t expected that, but because it was so cold, damp and grey. Very depressing! We never had snow in Zambia, though as I child I would have loved it, as it featured in all the books and Christmas cards ( I finally saw snow for the first time when I was 24!!) Eventually I became accustomed to the upside down weather – especially after I had kids of my own, but something in me still hankers for a sunny day, flopping in and out of the pool, drinking Christmas cocktails and having a braai (BBQ).
    Here in BJ it is oppressively hot and muggy, and the air quality is ghastly, sometimes I can hardly see from one side of the road to the other – and it will be hotter in July.

    • Great story — warmed me up a bit! Sorry to say, I’d trade cold and windy for oppresively hot and muggy any day. What a collage of experiences and food, throughout the years. Definitely look forward to some fantastic posts about these.

  2. thedailydish says:

    Well it may be June (almost July) here in Maine, but hot it is NOT. So glad I never bother putting away my jeans & fleeces anymore. A misty gray 59 degrees. BRING ON SUMMER!

  3. No wonder the ubiquitous beenie is omnipresent in your photos! Here’s to warm in Maine!

  4. I think Christmas in the summer is one of the strangest things to get used to when living in the southern hemisphere. Especially after growing up in Canada, Colorado, and Minnesota. I don’t mind the heat, and pool, etc; it’s the Christmas lights on the tree! The day’s are long and bright, so you hardly see the twinkling lights! grrrr

    I never thought of having a Christmas in July. Sounds like a nice way to take advantage of the cold, and I can put some lights up!

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