When Life Gives You Lemons…

We’ve had a bit of respite from the bitter winter wind and I’ve taken advantage of the sunshine and wandered around our urban garden. There are a few lemons still on the tree from the first crop.


And the rosemary needs a trim.

Any suggestions on what I could make? Please send your recipes!




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2 Responses to When Life Gives You Lemons…

  1. Sendie-Lou says:

    How about Salmon poaches with olive oil, lemon juice and resemary? Squirt a lemon juice on the salmon, brush it with olive oil and the sprinkle some chopped resemary plus salt & papper. Wrapped the salmon using parchment paper (or banana leaves) and you can either steam, or baked them in the oven. Also put some slices lemon on top of the salmon too.

  2. Great idea for dinner tonight, thanks Sendi-Lou.

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