Let People Be Who They Are

I’m back from a long weekend in Old Bar, NSW a roughly 4 1/2 hour drive from home. On the drive back I swear to you someone replaced my normally rational husband with Mr. Cranky Pants. Despite my many decades of driving experience (including racing), Mr. Cranky Pants had to tell me which lane to drive in, to slow down, to watch the semi-truck next to us, etc. I know think I can drive better than my husband so you can imagine the mood in the car was ugly.

Browsing through my emails today, I noticed that a fellow counsellor sent me a YouTube clip entitled “Let People Be Who They Are”. Given the drive home yesterday I DEFINITELY wasn’t in any mood to watch it. So I distracted myself with laundry, ironing and client appointments (the beauty of the home office!). Manual labour and daily routine improved my attitude so I could sit down with a cup of tea to watch this 3 minute video:

At the risk of sounding colloquial I LOL!!! Abraham-Hicks uses a simple example of how a presumably married couple share a toothpaste tube and given Esther’s affliction —ahem– nearly squeezes them apart. Glad to hear that I am not alone!

This reminded me of a post entitled “Love with a side of Mayo.” where the DailyDish tries to sneak her beloved spread onto her hubby’s sandwich instead of his favoured mustard…just in case he decides he now likes mayo!

Especially when he’s told me, oh, 6,703 times he doesn’t like mayonnaise. But deep down in my heart I just KNOW he’ll love it.. one day.  

The DailyDish's photo of her Hellmann's addiction

Maybe you’re one of the lucky people who’s partnered with a fellow mayo fanatic or whose partner happily sits silently in the passenger seat. If not and you’re like the rest of us, there is hope: ACCEPTANCE. 

As I reflect on this seemingly easy concept, I imagine myself sitting in the car with Mr. Cranky Pants ‘accepting’ his comments — instead of becoming Ms. Self-Righteous. Waiting…waiting…it’s not happening. Then I remember the video:

But she could not change her toothpaste personality overnight. You just can’t go cold turkey over something like that!

Ka-ching! If Esther had a lifetime of middle-squeezing and my husband of passenger driving, what am I expecting? Of him? Of (do I really need to say this!?) myself???

Ok reality check. I may not be able to change my annoyance overnight, but I’m going to try the DailyDish’s suggestion around acceptance. An apology, a hug and continued communication of no mayo (or no driving tips) and the acceptance that people are who they are.

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2 Responses to Let People Be Who They Are

  1. thedailydish says:

    Hah! Love this. And I’m honored that my mayo post made such an impression you’d think of it all these months later. Hope Mr. Cranky Pants is feeling more himself today. And tomorrow, and…


  2. Spread the love 🙂 ….

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