Mortgage the House to Buy Bananas

Whaaa? A household staple — the omnipresent BANANA? The thing every mom/mum puts in the school lunch box?…Yup! Apparently due to hurricane/cyclone Yasi, bananas have been at record highs since February 2011.

Banana Stand Australian Grocery Store August 2011

NOTE: For my American followers, quick lesson on conversion:

  • 1 pound = 1/2 kg/450 grams
  • US$1.00 = AU$.94 today

I’m not strong on math so I’ll assume you aren’t either. If this were in the USA, bananas would cost roughly $7.50/pound.

In simple terms we pay roughly $2.50 for ONE banana!

This isn’t a typical post for me, but I’m writing about this as my heart was touched today. I was at the fruit stand and an elderly shopper shared with me that she was buying bananas for her grandkids because her daughter cannot afford to buy them.

She cannot imagine her grandkids not knowing the thing the rest of us have taken for granted in our lives. She delights in making banana sandwiches for them and seeing their faces light up or giving a banana as an after school treat.

Last weekend we had an engagement party for a niece and as a treat I bought baby bananas for the little kids at the party that I found “on special” for $7.99/kilogram if you purchased an entire kilo. So many happy little faces and bodies jumping up and down — you’d think I’d put CANDY on the table.

In the intro of this post I said this price hike is “apparently” due to Yasi. Every month since she hit Australian shores we’ve heard rumors that prices are coming down, that the golden banana is going to be available in bigger quantities, yet it is SIX months later!!! (Did you know that apparently other countries can import them?) Without loosing focus in this post, there is plenty of speculation in the news that this pricing is imposed, keeping bananas artificially expensive.

What I want to concentrate on here is how we can take the simplest thing for granted. I know I did. I used to be able to make a banana bread off the top of my head to GET RID OF those pesky aging fruit. It took a crisis like this where I had to show some respect to the humble, healthy, portable banana and in my nieces and nephews eyes to elevate it above candy!

So I pose to you, what simple thing do you take for granted? What is one thing you can commit to and bring joy into others lives like my granny friend this morning? (Without mortgaging the house!)

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6 Responses to Mortgage the House to Buy Bananas

  1. thedailydish says:

    I just had to pick my jaw up off the floor. The last time I bought bananas they cost roughly .59 cents per pound – for ORGANIC. Good gracious woman!! No wonder kids are going bananas for bananas, they’re practically gold plated!

  2. Is the price down now? It’s jaw dropping bananas can be so expensive and in such high demand from little kids! My kids used to like bananas better in the States. Now when I buy them, they take it for granted, like you said. 😦 Isn’t it an irony when things are unobtainable, everyone will want it?

  3. A little…they are now roughly $11.98 a kilo or more. Definitely gives you perspective on gratitude.

  4. Margie says:

    When I was a kid, mandarin oranges were a really big treat and only available certain times of the year. Today I can buy them (or similar types of oranges) almost all year round, though they are more expensive in the summer than they are near Christmas time!

  5. Yes, how times have changed! It’s a good reminder to be grateful for all of the abundance we have year round.

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