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It’s been too many weeks since I’ve written in my blog and it hasn’t been due to lack of ideas or enthusiasm. It has been simply that I could not type. I sprained my dominate hand and wrist, so I’ve been limited to essential tasks only. Being adventurous, I tried voice recognition software and I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating funny the results were. I’m happy to report I’m on the mend and have more access to the keyboard once again.

I’m even happier to report that I am now the owner of a new MacBook Pro. I got the laptop the day Steve Jobs died…eerie! I’ve read so many comprehensive tributes to him and his contributions that I won’t spend my limited time today rehashing what has already been said. I will say that my first experience on computers was with the old Apple “toy” at University and I loved it. As I entered the adult world and worked for IBM I migrated and then have stayed on the DOS and then Windows world since. The migration has been painful so far…

I digress.

What I wanted to say today is how the last number of weeks have been even more challenging than the computer migration in the last number of days. Not being able to pick up a pan when you’re making dinner, wash your hair, brush your teeth or type has made me reflective. And grateful. I didn’t lose my hand or even the permanent use of it.

While I was nursing my injury, my BBQ lovin’ uncle has just decided at 70 to become a vegan. If you aren’t surprised about this, let me tell you I certainly was. This is a man who lived for Whitey’s ice cream and big plates of food. The diet cuts out fats, avocado and of course dairy. He seems really committed to it and I applaud the fact that he’s taken his health so seriously, especially at his age. (I probably would say I’ve lived a full life and be happy eating the ice cream!) However, his mother/my grandma, is nearly 100 so he still may have many years ahead despite his two older brothers and father already gone before him.

Some chicken, pork and corn in the barbeque

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All of these events have converged in my reflective state to wonder about priorities and what importance we place on them. In the obituaries and articles I read about Steve Jobs I didn’t notice anything about how many meetings, discussions, brainstorming sessions, etc. he went to when he should have been resting. When he could have been spending time with his family and friends. When he chose to get that one thing done before he slept. I wonder if he had the opportunity once again would he have chosen differently? Would this have had an impact on his health and longevity? Would we still be able to benefit from his creative genius?

Jobs is only one person and yet touched so many lives. So I draw you into my reflective repose: What choices are you making and how is this impacting on others?

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4 Responses to Choose Health

  1. thedailydish says:

    So sorry to hear about your hand! Glad to hear you’re on the mend – hope all is back to normal soon.

    Congrats on your new laptop! Hard to imagine where we’d be w/out the legacy of Steve Jobs. I just got a new iPhone and am LOVING it.

    As for my dad, it’s hard to imagine him w/out meat. And ice cream – golly! The Scholfield ice cream gene – we always joke about that. But he’s still going strong on the vegan diet and I hope stays strong for the long haul.

    • I’m at the Sydney Apple store and there are people lined up outside at 4pm waiting for the store to reopen tomorrow at 8am for the next release of the i-phone 4S. Hate it when you’ve gotten something new and it’s already obsolete! It’s great how you’re using the phone for your blog though!

      I guess we’ll have to have ice cream for your dad. Knowing him, he’ll definitely be able to be vicarious!

  2. So glad you are back. Hopefully your injury will be a thing in the past soon. I can only imagine how hard it must have been.

    Your uncle is a courageous man to give up all the “goodies” he is used to all his life. It’s not easy to be on a vegan diet, especially hard when traveling. We got that from first hand experience. Our whole family follow a vegetarian diet. When we are in countries like Japan, it’s hard to find a meat/fish-free dish. But it always works out with commitment and dedication. Good for him!

  3. Thanks for your continued support of both me and my family!

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