Mangoes the New Banana?

Hard to believe, but bananas still haven’t returned to “normal” prices since cyclone/hurricane Yasi hit Queensland in February 2011. Since my August 4 post entitled “Mortgage the House to Buy Bananas” this precious fruit has now decreased slightly to $10.95/kg from its high of $15.95/kg. Now we’re paying roughly $1.95/banana — so now you can buy a bunch for under $10!!!

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Before I moved to Oz I don’t think I ever had mangoes as they probably never made it to Colorado shelves and if they did I can only imagine how expensive they would have been. Here in Sydney mangoes arrive the beginning of September and they typically hover around $4 apiece. Closer to where they’re grown the price drops significantly and consequently Queenslanders don’t seem to have as much passion for mangoes as those of us further down the coast.

As a side note, in many Asian countries people can’t believe we actually pay for these golden globes. They simply pick them or can be purchased for less than AU $.50 apiece so you find them frequently in their dishes — as dessert, a salsa topping and in salads or curries.

Although many Aussie families can’t afford mangoes throughout the season, many, many people buy this luscious sweet silky fruit for Christmas when they come down in price to $2.50 each or $25 a flat.

Imagine my joy when I came around the corner in my local grocery last week and saw this sign:

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FANTASTIC — Mangoes in mid-October for December prices! This much-coveted holiday treat on par price-wise with your average banana. Doubtful that mangos will usurp bananas as mangos don’t come with their own packaging and must be cut before sending in school lunches. But I can’t help but wonder if this price cut will diminish the allure of this exotic and if bananas will be the Christmas dinner centrepiece. Either fruit is a huge change from the holly and pine cones of the past!

sindhri, famous mango variety from Pakistan an...

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4 Responses to Mangoes the New Banana?

  1. thedailydish says:

    It’s so interesting to read about holiday traditions in Australia! I always have to remind myself it’s WARM there at Christmas. WARM!!! No snow, no hot chocolate, no figgy pudding – which we never have, but you get my point. So glad you get to enjoy a mango treat early. Here our holiday fruit is clementines. From Spain. Go figure?

    • What is domestic vs. imported these days? So many plants and animals that we think are domestic are really generations of imports — even the mango! Yes, it’s really hard to adjust to hot Christmas, even after all these years.

  2. Never knew fruits are so costly down there!
    My kids love red delicious, imported from America. To make you feel better, anything imported cost an arm and an leg here! Maybe I should make them try mangos. I am sure they are not so bad.
    What about imported items over there?

    • Many kids love mangoes here and parents have to avoid introducing them too early as they’re so expensive. If they’re not where you live, I so go ahead as they’ll love them!

      Imported items like shoes, handbags, anything electronic, furniture and cars receive a 40% importation tax and so VERY expensive. Perhaps a blog post for the future!

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