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Tips to Overcoming Fear in Social Situations

It’s the holiday season and whether you’re at HOME or at home, you’re bound to be put into uncomfortable situations. Being an expat is similar to being around family you haven’t seen in many years — it seems familiar, yet you … Continue reading

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Membership Has Its Benefits for Buying US Products in Australia

Despite the title, I’m not talking about the American Express slogan. I got roped into going to the new Costco here in Sydney. My brother-in-law was born with the American consumer gene, belying his Chinese-Malaysian heritage. He was one of the … Continue reading

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Documents You Might Need to Establish Yourself in Australia

I recently came across a blog called “Waggadventure” written by a Canadian couple documenting their adventures relocating to country Australia. Today I read a post entitled “Permanent Residency” (Click here for full post) which inspired me to write my own experiences of … Continue reading

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News Flash: Bananas Down, Petrol Up

Just a lightning quick post today. I couldn’t believe what I read in the article “Banana Prices Set to Drop” by the Herald Sun 19 October 2011, so I had to check it out for myself. I went to the … Continue reading

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UK Expats Budget Health Insurance

One important requirement to maintain your expat status to have a certain level of health cover and provide proof of your policy annually. Many countries offset the cost of private health insurance for legal residents and citizens through tax deductions or government rebates, but expats … Continue reading

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5 Tips on Shipping Gifts Internationally

5 tips on how to be aware of customs regulations and taxation around shipping gifts internationally. Continue reading

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UK Expats Renting Their Furnished Homes

In my series “To Ship or to Store” I suggested renting your property in order to save on shipping expense. I came across this 24 June post explaining why UK expats are trying furnished leasing and giving tips about how … Continue reading

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