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Tips to Overcoming Fear in Social Situations

It’s the holiday season and whether you’re at HOME or at home, you’re bound to be put into uncomfortable situations. Being an expat is similar to being around family you haven’t seen in many years — it seems familiar, yet you … Continue reading

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Choose Health

It’s been too many weeks since I’ve written in my blog and it hasn’t been due to lack of ideas or enthusiasm. It has been simply that I could not type. I sprained my dominate hand and wrist, so I’ve … Continue reading

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How to Emotionally Prepare Yourself When Your Child Leaves Home for College

It’s no surprise that many parents experience grief and/or elation as their child leaves home for university — it’s one of the biggest changes a family goes through.  It is also an opportunity for you to support your child into the next phase … Continue reading

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Choose to Support New Moms/Mums and Dads

I’m all for women breast-feeding…or bottle feeding…or a combination of both. Yet I feel like I’m in the minority. I know this is a charged topic and I have waited posting this hoping somehow the right words would come through … Continue reading

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