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Documents You Might Need to Establish Yourself in Australia

I recently came across a blog called “Waggadventure” written by a Canadian couple documenting their adventures relocating to country Australia. Today I read a post entitled “Permanent Residency” (Click here for full post) which inspired me to write my own experiences of … Continue reading

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Change of Seasons

One of the many things that is common for Northern to Southern Hemisphere expats is that the seasons are opposite from what you’re used to. So Christmas is HOT when it’s supposed to be cold. As it is spring here … Continue reading

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Embracing Your Inner Goblin

One of the things I miss about living in the US is Halloween. Yes REALLY! You see we don’t really celebrate it in Australia and although I don’t eat much candy these days, I loved it as a kid. I can’t … Continue reading

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Let People Be Who They Are

I’m back from a long weekend in Old Bar, NSW a roughly 4 1/2 hour drive from home. On the drive back I swear to you someone replaced my normally rational husband with Mr. Cranky Pants. Despite my many decades of … Continue reading

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Choose to Support New Moms/Mums and Dads

I’m all for women breast-feeding…or bottle feeding…or a combination of both. Yet I feel like I’m in the minority. I know this is a charged topic and I have waited posting this hoping somehow the right words would come through … Continue reading

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Frugality: It’s Not Just for Americans Anymore

What’s all the fuss about extreme couponing? Being frugal is the American way. Continue reading

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Remembering Our Troops — Why the Difference?

Never having lost a husband or grown child myself, I can only have compassion for the families who grieve the loss of a son or daughter during combat. I imagine that although you know there are risks, you somehow convince … Continue reading

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