What is twoplacescalledhome?

My bet is the place you call ‘home’ is where you grew up. Anyone who’s gone back to where they grew up, reconnected with someone from childhood or simply had a long-distance conversation on the phone with a relative knows that connecting with ‘home’ immediately transports you back in time, if only momentarily. This ‘home’ holds your childhood memories and whether you like it or not has become the foundation of who you are.

Yet wherever you live now is where you’ve choosen to carve out a place for yourself. Your friends, your local favourite restaurant, celebrating holidays and participating in the community define you and make you feel settled in this new place. The sense of this place and who you are in it also becomes ‘home’.

The place and people where you grew up never leaves you and the place that feels familiar are both ‘home’. This paradox is what I call two places called home. Even if you’ve lived in the same place for decades, life is always changing and so too does our sense of ‘home’.

The blog twoplacescalledhome is a forum for exchanging stories, ideas and supporting people going through change, finding their ‘home’. As this is a forum, I greatly appreciate guest posts, comments and suggestions. To find out how, click here: Guest Posts or leave a comment below.

2 Responses to What is twoplacescalledhome?

  1. I LOVE how you see the paradox of two places called home. I can totally relate to every word you write in this page. Very nicely done! Once again I wish I thought of this name for my blog name.

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